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Internet of Things at Google Scott Jenson leads a project called The Physical Web within the Chrome team at Google. Project members are working to take the scalability and openness of the web and use it to talk to the exponentially exploding range of smart devices. Scott Jenson has been at the forefront of user interface design for over 25 years. He was the first member of the User Interface group at Apple in the late 80s, working on System 7, the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and the original Newton. Following that he was Director of Product Design for Symbian, then managed the mobile UX group at Google and was Creative Director at frog design. Scott is now back at Google, on a quest to bridge the physical and digital worlds. Exclusive Photo: Physical Web beacon prototype (pen for scale) Nearly every company today working on the IoT comes up with the same basic... (more)

McNealy: "They Won't Let Me Start a Blog"

Related Links: Schwartz: "Sun and Microsoft Agree" (But Sun and IBM Don't) Tim Bray: "iPod? Blackberry? Texting? Not For Me, Thanks" Where Is Sun Going with Linux? McNealy: "Sun Is Not Proprietary, Just As IBM Is Not Bankrupt" So, how well-read would it be? Scott McNealy has been hypothesizing that "It would be very well-read," even though - so he explains - he can't start one because he has "to play a little bit more like Switzerland" and be neutral. (Oh, that would be a McNealy first right there.) Yes, "CEO Blogging" is back in the headlines again. So, should he or shouldn't he? Presumably McNealy would be more than welcome to join The International Club of CEO Bloggers - led by Guillaume du Gardier who describes himself as "CEO and Blogger" (for the curious, CEO Bloggers' Club comes out in French as "Club des PDG Blogueurs" - so now you know!) McNealy, were he ever... (more)

SYS-CON Media Readers' Choice Awards Polls Will Close on December 31, 2005

  SYS-CON Media (, the world's leading i-technology media company, announced that its 2005 Readers' Choice Awards polls will close on December 31, 2005. So far more than 16,000 readers cast their votes to select the best  software products and services of the year for Java, Linux, Web Services, XML, Microsoft .NET, ColdFusion and Macromedia MX. Best Java Products of 2005: Best Linux Products of 2005: Best Web Services Products of 2005: Best .NET Products of 2005: Best Macromedia MX and ColdFusion Products of 2005: SYS-CON's Readers' Choice Awards program is considered to be the most prestigious awar... (more)

What Will be the Future of the Technology Made Famous by BlackBerry?

By 2011 over 16% of worldwide active e-mail mailboxes will be accessed with a wireless push e-mail solution. That, according to a recent report by The Radicati Group on the future of the technology made famous by Blackberry. Right now, mind you, the percentage of worldwide active e-mail mailboxes accessed by wireless push e-mail is just 1%. The study finds that wireless e-mail is becoming increasingly popular, due to the fact that a large number of the global workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile. The technology allows users to instantly view and respond to e-mail as soon as it arrives, which results in gains in productivity, and cuts response times for decision makers. It looks at the market as comprised of three key segments: Wireless E-mail Solutions, Wireless OS Platforms, and Wireless E-mail Devices. It provides market size, vendor installed base and rev... (more)

Whatever Will Microsoft Do with Zimbra?

Some of the most scared people inside Yahoo right now have got to be the open source Zimbra crowd that Yahoo acquired last September for $350 million for its Microsoft-opposing enterprise-directed e-mail and calendaring, folks who just released their webby AJAX-based Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 5.0 this week - and intend to give it a browser-based document-creating and -sharing Zimbra Desktop, called the "world's first offline-capable Web 2.0 collaborative experience." Somehow we suspect Microsoft may not think e-mail is "broken" like Zimbra, a partner of Red Hat, does, but if Microsoft does acquires Yahoo and you hear a crunch, you can imagine Zimbra's back breaking. Well, it's an integration challenge at any rate. ZCS 5.0, which runs on Linux and Mac and is supposed to be an open source Exchange alternative, supports Outlook 2007, the Blackberry Enterprise Server, J... (more)

Why Adobe AIR Is Not Google Gears, Prism, JavaFX or Silverlight

Adobe’s release last week of its AIR 1.0 (Adobe Integrated Runtime) cross-platform platform got plenty of ink. Much of it missed the point. And that’s understandable, given that we are tumbling into the next generation of everything all at once right now – SaaS and SOA, Web 2.0, Blu-ray, cellular streaming, and on and on – like a tornado crossing a junkyard. It’s one of those times when it’s hard to keep things straight. So Adobe’s AIR announcement roiled the swamp and raised the themes of rich Internet applications, offline Internet applications, and cross-platform runtimes in a wormy bundle. In the process it was lumped together, variously, with Google Gears, Mozilla Prism, Sun JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight in the Air coverage. Sure, AIR has something to do with each of them, but it is more important than any of them. It may be a primary salvo in a user experien... (more)

A New Blog Site Launched to Monitor Turkish Airlines

A new blog site called claims that it will help improve Turkish Airlines' services with its constructive live criticsm. The first blog entry reads: "I registered this Blog (Website) domain name roughly four years ago, on March 1, 2004, at New York's JFK airport, while I was trying to purchase round trip tickets from New York to Istanbul. At the time, as I recall, there was a politically appointed CEO at Turkish Airlines, a complete brain dead idiot, and his politically appointed staff on Turkish Airlines offices around the world. On that day, the easily offended transvestite THY ticket agent called the Terminal 1 security to ask me leave the airport building, which prompted me to start this blog. Four years later there is another politically appointed CEO at Turkish Airlines, so far who does not seem to be as incompetent as his predecessor. The ruli... (more)

FranklinCovey Products Announces FCmobilelife Applications for the iPhone

FranklinCovey Products has announced FCmobilelife, a new set of consumer iPhone applications, which incorporates its planning and productivity methodology allowing users to collaborate with an entire smartphone network and web-based browsers in real-time. “We’re excited to release these consumer iPhone applications and bring our proven planning and productivity methodology to a device that is growing in popularity and is being more heavily relied upon by its users,” said Jeff Anderson, Senior Vice President of Product Management at FranklinCovey Products. “People have more and more demands on their time and FCmobilelife enables users to better utilize their time by setting personal goals, organizing tasks, and creating appointments, and sharing these with others via their smartphone.” FCmobilelife focuses on five key areas of productivity to enable users to create... (more)

New Mobile Phone on Contract Deals Attracting Masses

There are so many new mobile phones on contract deals from which one can get numerous benefits. Some of the benefits which are associated with such deals are free talk time, free SMS and free roaming facilities, discounted call rates and much more. On these deals, the users have to deposit some specified amount for a particular time period which ranges generally from twelve months to eighteen months. Under such schemes, a person gets the phone bills each and every month. The contract plans are very useful for the handset users. Under these plans, people get worldwide connectivity plus unlimited talk time to remain in contact with their near and dear ones. The new mobile phones on contract deals bind the users with just one particular network provider for a specified time period. The good thing with the contract widgets is that one can communicate with others for qu... (more)

AdMob Announces New Open Source SDK for Palm

Mobile advertising network, AdMob has always been quick to seize happening platforms like iPhone and Android to serve up their ads. Now that Palm has announced that their smartphone sales rose 134% to 823,000 units during the latest quarter, AdMob was quick to catch on and has announced support for Palm ‘s webOS as well. It has launched a new open source SDK to integrate its CPC text ads and CPM banner ads on Palm Pre and Pixi. It is already working with several developers – including Delicious Morsel and Byte Sequencing – to incorporate AdMob’s new Palm ad unit into their applications. The SDK is available for download from Google Code. ... (more)

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Pyxis Mobile's T.L. Neff

T.L. Neff, is an EVP at Pyxis Mobile in charge of customer services.  We met last year when we both spoke at the same conference.  T.L. lives in the Boston area and is an expert in mobility.  Last week we were able to schedule some time together for an interview. Note: These are not T.L.'s exact words, rather my notes from our interview. Kevin: What mobile device(s) do you use and carry? TL: BlackBerry Torch, iPhone 4, iPad and laptop. Kevin: What are your favorite mobile applications? TL: Mobile CRM from Pyxis, Movela Netflix Queue Manager (a Pyxis app), TagIn (GPS tracking - our kids use it a lot to tell us where they are  located), FaceBook (I use it for both family and business.  Some customers respond faster on FaceBook than on email) and Skype Mobile. Kevin: What industries do you see adopting mobility today? TL: Everybody is implementing now. Even personal friends t... (more)